About OurProperty

OurProperty is run by the people over at Fubra.

Fubra started off as a group of friends trying to make a bit of extra money through web design and selling travel and finance products whilst at college back in 2000. Fast forward to now and Fubra is a well established publishing and technical service provider with a vast array of websites under our belt. With everything from price comparison sites, to travel and household guides, Fubra runs a network of successful and informative websites.

Back in 2003, if you wanted to find out any information about house prices, the only place you could obtain the information was from the land registry, a service you needed to pay for.

Now, as we are such a nice bunch here at Fubra, we wanted to give something back; hence the launch of Our Property! We paid for the data and passed it on to our users free of charge.

For almost 15 years now we have been providing free house price information across the UK; it’s perfect for first time buyers searching for the best place to get on the property ladder as well as long term homeowners looking to move on or simply keep an eye on the prices in their area.

Got any suggestions? Feel free to contact us!